Celebrating 60 Years of Business!

November 14, 2020
William (Bill) Vince – Celebrating 60 Years of Business

Somerset County, NJ – Bill Vince has been in business for 60 years! He credits his success to his loyalty to customers, great products, staff and family. Bill Vince was born to sell; he is a kind hearted gentleman. He served with the Navy in WW II in the South Pacific. If you ever have a chance, he has great stories to tell. Bill knew he had a passion to sell. He took a job selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners but his real passion was to sell cars. So, Bill took his passion and dream and turned it into reality. It all began back in 1961 when Bill opened VIP Motors in Plainfield to sell used cars. In the mid-60’s, he was awarded a Honda Motorcycle franchise. Bill took advantage of the motorcycle craze and sold them in record numbers, there were days where he sold 50+ motorcycles, maybe you were one of his customers. The success of the motorcycle business required a move to a larger facility in Plainfield. By 1971, VIP Honda was one of the largest Honda Motorcycle dealerships in the county. This achievement earned Bill one of the first Honda Automobile franchises in the country, selling the Honda Civic, which became an instant hit.

In the late 70’s, the popularity of Honda automobiles continued to grow and Honda expanded its car line. In 1980, Bill, once again faced with the need for a larger space, moved to North Plainfield and opened VIP Honda. This move made the dealership more visible to customers and business tripled within the first year. North Plainfield embraced Bill’s VIP Honda business, the borough received them with open arms and made them feel welcome. Bill adopted a policy of giving back to the community as a way to show his appreciation. In one scenario, Bill was in the process of tearing down an old building on his Route 22 property. Prior to the demolition, Bill invited the North Plainfield Fire Department to use the building for training. On the appointed day, the NPFD were on top of the building, chopping up holes in the roof with an axe, this was all part of their real-life experience training without the danger of a real fire.

In the mid-80’s, American Honda entered the luxury market with a new brand, Acura. Based on Bill’s successes, he was awarded an Acura franchise that is now Bridgewater Acura, located on 22 East in Bridgewater, NJ. This dealership has grown and flourished, Bill continues to keep his business priorities to provide world-class products and service to his customers. Customers were also enthusiastic about Acura, the “first premium Japanese luxury car brand.” Bill’s General Manager and Sales Manager recognized that the attributes which made Acura a popular new car were now making it a sought-after pre-owned car. They decided to put more emphasis on pre-owned Acura sales, Bridgewater Acura has been recognized as a powerhouse in that department. 2013 was the tenth consecutive year that Bridgewater Acura was the Number One Certified Pre-Owned Acura Dealership in New Jersey and in the top 10 in the nation. Bridgewater Acura also has a large inventory of exotic cars, be sure to visit the website to find out more. Bridgewater Acura’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has earned it a number of honors. Bridgewater Acura has won the Dealership of Distinction Award, Acura’s highest honor given to its top performing dealerships, three times, most recently for 2013.

The success of Bridgewater Acura has spurred a number of renovations and expansions. In 2012, the dealership completed a major expansion that dramatically increased the size of the Parts & Service Departments, reconfigured the Showroom, and added an enlarged and enhanced Customer Waiting Area and a four-story parking deck. Bill Vince is very proud of how much Bridgewater Acura has achieved in its first 25 years.

Bill turned 96 in 2020, he is not your average guy, he still goes into the office, meets with his managers and brainstorms ideas that will turn into future plans for the stores. If you ask Bill to sum up his success with both dealerships, he will tell you, “all it takes is great product, great customers and great personnel, and we’ve been blessed with all three.”

We congratulate Bill Vince for achieving his vision, having a passion to sell, building his businesses with solid foundations and always looking for ways to serve the communities and people. Bill and his wife Eleanor, give generously to organizations and families, we thank you both for your commitment and generosity.

Please visit VIP Honda and/or Bridgewater Acura at the upcoming Black Friday Sale! Check out the websites for more details including store hours.

Visit VIP Honda @ 700 Route 22 East in North Plainfield, NJ, call 908-753-1500 or go online @ www.viphonda.com
            Bridgewater Acura @ 1231 Route 22 West in Bridgewater, New Jersey, call 908-704-0300, or go online