Bridgewater Car Dealerships Present: Car Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

March 4th, 2020 by

Bridgewater Car Dealerships Present: Car Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier


Hacks, tips, ideas – call them what you will, but there’s no denying that they’re one of the best things about the internet. From saving money to cleaning up quicker or taking better care of your various possessions, you can find hacks about practically anything online.

Bridgewater car dealerships appreciate life hacks and tips as much as any other company, so we’ve created this list of some of our favorite car hacks of all time, to make your car-owning experience better.


  1. Use a shoe as a cupholder

Got a nice hot cup of coffee, and don’t want it sloshing around as you drive? Cupholders are a boon, but some of them can be flimsy or shallow, or they might have dried-in spills that will make your cup icky. Avoid all that unpleasantness by using this unconventional trick. The hole in a shoe is snug and tight, and most shoes are fairly bottom-heavy, so it’ll keep your coffee nice and still.


  1. Use a seat warmer to keep food warm

If you’re taking some food home, keep it warm for longer by turning on a seat warmer and placing your meal on it. Your food won’t be piping hot, but it’ll definitely slow down the cooling process!


  1. Increase your key fob’s range by placing it against your head

Your head is full of fluids and fluids are good conductors, so if you place your key fob against your chin, you’ll increase its range by as much as 20 feet. This isn’t a hack per se – but it’s definitely fun to try out!


  1. Tinted plastic sheets provide shade anywhere

Summer will be here soon, and if you’re stuck in traffic or parked somewhere waiting for a friend, use a tinted plastic sheet to get some much-welcome shade. You don’t need to attach the sheets to anything – they’ll stick to glass using static, which makes them super easy to remove. Bridgewater car dealerships recommend giving them a try!


  1. DIY air freshener

You can make some air freshener for hot days when things start getting smelly. Cut out a couple chunks of scented candle wax, and put them in a small mason jar. Next, punch a couple holes in the lid of the jar using a nail and a hammer (take off the lid while doing this). Now close the lid. Whenever it’s hot the wax will melt slightly, making your car smell wonderful.


  1. Use nail polish to fix scratches

This isn’t the perfect fix, but if you have an ugly chip or scratch and want something that’ll make it less obvious from a distance, use nail polish. It’ll work better than other materials, and you can get it in a color that matches your car’s exterior fairly well.

Nail polish has another use, too – you can use clear polish to fill in small chips and cracks in windows. This’ll keep the cracks from spreading, and save you quite a bit of money!


  1. Clean your windshield wipers

If you got new windshield wipers for the winter, you probably want to get them to last a little longer before they wear out and need to be replaced. With this handy little trick from Bridgewater car dealerships, that’s super easy. Soak a rag in some glass cleaning fluid, and wipe your wiper blades with it. Clean wipers last much longer!


  1. Make a handy in-car dustbin

If you have a broken plastic cereal container lying around the house, you can reuse it as a car dustbin! You don’t have to throw out wrappers, and food crumbs won’t go everywhere. Line the container with a used grocery bag to reuse plastic bags as well. Now that’s what you call killing two birds with one stone!


  1. DIY carpets

Not only will they keep the floors clean, but they’ll also make the interiors feel cozier. You can get carpet remnants or scraps from most home improvement or flooring stores for a couple dollars. When they get dirty after a few months, you can wash them, or just toss them away and buy new ones. Make sure you don’t place unsecured carpets on the driver’s side, however!


  1. Park facing East

Since the sun rises in the East, parking Eastwards will mean your windshield gets some early morning sun which’ll help it defrost quicker. This’ll cut down on the time needed in chipping away at the frost. Figure out which way the East lies from your home, so you don’t forget.


  1. Make a defrosting spray

For days when it’s too cold or overcast for the sun to help much, you’ll appreciate this trick from Bridgewater car dealerships. Fill a spray bottle with a solution of salt and water, or rubbing alcohol and water. Both of these have a freezing temperature that’s way below that of plain water, so when you spray the solution onto your car’s windows, it’ll quickly melt the ice and make defrosting much easier. This’ll also help with frozen keyholes.


  1. Buy a plug-in seat warmer

If your car doesn’t come with a seat warmer, you can now buy one (for a very small price). Because comfort isn’t just for the rich.


  1. Remote car starter apps

Here’s an app you didn’t know you needed. Not only do these help you start your car remotely (while you’re walking towards it, for example), but you can also find your car’s location, or find out at what speed the car’s going (if your kid’s driving it, suppose). These apps are super affordable, with prices hovering around $60/year for popular ones.


  1. Keep your windshield ice-free

If you’re expecting frost overnight and hate defrosting in the morning, fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar and one part water. Before it’s completely dark outside, go and spray the mix evenly on your windshield and windows. This’ll keep water from freezing on them.


  1. Pipe insulation to get rid of that annoying gap

Have you ever dropped a ticket or coin between the driver’s seat and console, only to have to fish for it with the tips of your fingers? It’s a difficult spot to reach, and one that things fall into annoyingly often. Nip the problem in the bud by cutting some pieces of foam pipe insulation to size, and placing them in the gaps. No more disappearing change!


  1. Remove bumper stickers easily

Tired of scratching away at stubborn bumper stickers? You don’t have to waste hours, peeling bit by bit, because this hack from Bridgewater car dealerships is here to save the day! Soak a small kitchen rag and flatten it over the bumper sticker. After ten minutes, the water will soak through the sticker and soften the glue, so you can wipe it off easily. Stubborn patches can be removed with the edge of a credit card.


  1. Organize the trunk with laundry baskets

If you carry around a lot of stuff in your car for convenience – gym bag, extra clothes, tools, winter gear, emergency kit, plastic bags – your trunk can get cluttered very quickly. Organize it with the help of some cheap laundry baskets. Get a couple of them, and use them to group different types of items together. No more messy trunk and disappearing supplies!


  1. Temporary fix for broken wiper blades

If you need to drive to work in the rain but your wiper blades are too damaged to get you through without scratching up the glass, you can use an old pair of women’s stockings (borrowed from your wife, perhaps) as a temporary fix. Wrap them tightly around the wiper arm, and it will keep the metal from scratching up your windshield. However, functioning wiper blades are very important, so make a trip to the dealership as soon as possible!


  1. Revitalize cloudy headlights with toothpaste

Cloudy headlights make your car look tired and old, and luckily for you, you can fix that problem with some plain old toothpaste! Squeeze some onto a rag, and use it to scrub the headlights. It might take a little time (and multiple passes), but eventually your headlights will come out looking as good as new. While you’re at it, you can also use toothpaste to fix surface-level scratches on your car!


So, these were some of the best car hacks and tips from your local Bridgewater car dealerships. Want more? Bookmark our blog and check back every month for more helpful articles about everything car-related. If you have any suggestions for what we should write on next, reach out to us via email and let us know!

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