Why We Should Buy YOUR Car

Why would you want to sell us YOUR car?

A common trend appearing in the marketplace today is consumers selling automobiles to dealers like Carmax, because it’s a true no hassle approach to selling you car without any obligation or liability.

Freeing yourself of your vehicle, whether it is your 2nd, 3rd, or in some cases 10th automobile, might be the most financially sound decision for you. That is why Bridgewater Acura is here to help.

We only purchase high quality, clean Carfax vehicles, that we would feel comfortable buying for our own children. We feel that by purchasing these vehicles and offering them to our clients who are in the market, we are allowing them to make a decision that is in their best financial interest, while allowing us to not only earn their business, but induct another member into the Bridgewater Acura family.

So why not just sell it yourself?…

For most consumers, it’s to much time and hassle to sell a vehicle on your own. Can you afford to commit your time, energy, and money to repairing, detailing, and advertising your vehicle? Are you sure you are targeting the correct market for your vehicle with the many different advertising mediums offered to today’s consumer? Will your insurance carrier permit test drives in your vehicle? Will you consider a trade-in as partial payment? We as Acura’s premier highline automobile dealer have the ability to cover all grounds when it comes to selling a vehicle, while restoring the luxury and image to its new owner from when you first purchased it.

So let us do all of the work…

Our motto is that we can never offer too much for high quality Pre-Owned vehicles!

At Bridgewater Acura we want the chance to earn your business and watch you become part of the Bill Vince family. Give us an opportunity to price out and purchase your car or truck… We want you to rest assured we will give you an honest and fair assessment.

For more information about this awesome program, contact me and I will be happy to assist you.
– Michael Lasko, General Sales Manager

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